Climate Hotel


The facility has been designed to reduce heat dispersion to a minimum, so as to guarantee high levels of comfort for guests. Particular care has also gone into the sound insulation, both indoors and outdoors. In fact, the building has obtained energy certification from the Autonomous Province of Trento with a class A+ rating and annual consumption of 15.82 kWh per m2, which would be equivalent to 2000 litres of diesel per year.

Therefore,we have chosen exterior cladding with 14 cm of polystyrene foam with added graphite, wood-aluminium windows with low emission triple glazing and a ventilated roof with 24 cm of wood fibre insulation. Also, special care has been taken to remove heat bridges and increase passive heating through large windows in the part facing south. In summer, the insulation of the facility and the use of domotic-controlled and guest-controlled sun breakers guarantee high living comfort.

We have also thought about the acoustic comfort of the rooms with 5-slab plasterboard walls and fibreglass insulation, acoustic glazing on the windows, highly insulated interior doors and noise-free drain pipes for the toilets, with extra insulation through recycled rubber mats. Special care has also been taken to eliminate any echo in the communal areas.


We have decided to make Viridis Hotel an oil-free facility, therefore using no fossil fuels whatsoever. To satisfy the energy requirements of the hotel, we use geothermal and solar energy and, if required, biomass with pellets. Before the facility was built, eight 125 metre perforations were made with a total of 1000 metres of rock, therefore we laid 4000 metres of pipes (4 per probe). All this allows us to guarantee the operation of the heat pump that satisfies the heating and hot water requirement.

With 42kwt power, equal to the boiler of an apartment, we can heat the hotel without emitting dangerous substances into the atmosphere. We also make use of the sun’s heat through 23 m2 of flat solar collectors to produce hot water in a clean way and integrate the heating in the spring and autumn. For energy demand peaks there is a small pellet burner to help the geothermal plant.

We have also installed 17 kwp of solar panels so as to totally cover the electrical absorption of the heat pump also on dull days. The building has under-floor heating, guaranteeing high levels of living comfort. During the summer, free cooling is possible, again through the radiating floor.