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Via Nazionale, 62 - 38028 Cagnò (TN)
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Natura, Vita, Trasparenza

The objective is to reduce the consumption of Water and Earth resources as much as possible; by planning the overall efficiency of the building and by carrying out research into the best possible use of the raw materials available with the aim of reducing environmental impact.

•Efficiency of the insulation materials
•Overall efficiency

•Building materials
The choice of Eco-sustainable materials
The initial choice of building and insulation materials is of the utmost important due to the fact that this will affect the health of the environment and its inhabitants. The materials commonly used in the construction industry derive from oil or they need this in order to be produced, they deplete natural resources and their composition includes traces of countless harmful substances. On the contrary, those of a traditional nature, such as wood and stone, are still plentiful and the stock of timber can be guaranteed and improved by means of the balanced management of the exploitation of our woods situated in the Trentino area. These eco-sustainable materials are easily available, easy to recycle, they produce little or no pollution and, once their construction purpose is over, they can easily be re-absorbed into the natural environmental cycles.


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